New Tanning Legislation

Did you know that legislation has recently changed in relation to tanning?

European legislation states that there should be an output limit of 0.3 W/m² for sunbed tanning tubes. This is intended to match sunbed output to the maximum that Caucasian humans have biologically evolved to cope with.

The making available to consumers of a sunbed in the context of providing a service is deemed to be a supply of a product under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR), and as such the product be a safe. In certain circumstances it can be an offence to supply a product considered to be dangerous.

Technical interpretation of what makes a sunbed a safe product is taken from relevant European or British Standards, which in this case is the aforementioned BS EN 60335-2-27.

This standard was amended to take effect from April 2009, and the relevant amendment reflected authoritative scientific advice issued in 2006 and a subsequent 2007 declaration by European experts, if your irradiance level exceeds 0.3 W/m² it could be deemed as as unsafe product under GPSR.

It is understood that at this stage any action proposed by local council trading standards will be advisory, and salon owners should be given a reasonable period of time to make the necessary actions to rectify the problem. However, should salon owners not take positive steps to rectify the problem, or alternatively to remove them from service, a more formal action may be taken in the future. Please check with your local councils for further details.

We promote this tanning solution as it provides a longer lasting, deeper suntan.

Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010

An Act to make provision about the use or supply of tanning devices that use artificial ultra-violet radiation; and for connected purposes.