Profit Share Sunbeds

Apollo Sunbeds has over 25 years experience within the Sunbed Industry. We provide a large range of sunbeds to the UK market on a profit share basis.

So what is Sunbed Profit Share and how could it benefit my business?

Sunbed profit share is a good way to obtain a sunbed at very little or no cost to your business and works primarily on the basis that you only pay for the time the bed has been used. Therefore, if the sunbed isn't being used, you don't need to worry about paying any monthly minimum amount. All earnings are split 50/50. There is no initial deposit. We maintain the sunbed and replace all the tubes as and when they need changing. No credit checks will be undertaken. Could it be any easier to gain extra capital for your business?

How do we organise the free no obligation site assessment?

Our team of specialist sunbed engineers are on hand to take your phone call now! Call us today on 0161 337 8888 or get in touch through our contact form to organise your free site assessment now!